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AZ Soccer Lab | Player Spotlight – Ahmer U10

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What do you do when it’s almost 100 degrees outside? We Train

Full video here walks you through some drills we did with one of our 2010, Ahmer who has been training with us for about 4 months.

A big challenge for the younger kids we train, is trying to keep the sessions fun while they learn.. At this age they need the fundamentals of the game which can become repetitive and boring. The highest focus on all of our sessions, but especially with the younger ones is on footwork and TECHNIQUE.

The GREAT thing about younger players is they can learn quickly through repetition and being taught skills correctly. With our younger players, all our drills work equally on both feet. This is the age to learn. If you’re not technically sound by the age of 13/14, you can forget about being a professional soccer player.

Great Job, Ahmer!

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